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Diana Abruscato, IPTPA CPTP & CJPI
(International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association)
Level I, Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional
Certified Junior Pickleball Professional Instructor
Diana Abruscato, IPTPA & CJPI, owner of Performance Pickleball LLC and a Southern California native. A current pickleball competitor, and a former USTA Tennis Leagues and Tournament participant, pickleball is where she found her talent with an appreciation of the mental fortitude and physical strength needed to succeed in all areas of life. Read more...
Russ Jensen, IPTPA: CPTP
(International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association)
Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional

Russ Jensen, a Certified Pickleball Instructor has been a valuable component to the Performance Pickleball Team. Playing pickleball as a youth, a competitor and player his approach is contagious. As a former teacher and trainer he has applied his combined experiences to further enhance the pickleball playing experience to students.
(International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association)
Level I Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional
CPT: Certified Personal Trainer
Jaleh B. enjoys being involved in athletics, as a former competitive high school and an NCAA college tennis athlete, she views pickleball as a natural crossover, and addition to the family of sports. She also enjoys weightlifting and hiking, and completing an Ironman is a personal accomplishment worth noting. Jaleh immediately fell in love with pickleball, as "it's so much fun to play." She is excited to coach and connect with players as they work through their goals in play. Jaleh is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Pickleball Instructor, and her approach will make for a wonderful addition to the Coaching TEAM!
Suzie Tramel, Volunteer - Youth Instructor Assistant
Suzie Tramel, a retired Physical Education Teacher from the bay area, spent most of her time teaching a variety of High School sports and coaching the High School Tennis Team. Her recreational go-to is playing pickleball over the past few years on a regular basis. She is gaining knowledge and skills of pickleball through continued education. Combining her experience and expertise teaching she looks forward to continuing her life's work as an Instructor Assistant for our Youth Classes. "Suzie has rediscovered the value of friendships in teaching and playing pickleball." We are happy to have Suzie is an exceptional addition to the Performance Pickleball LLC TEAM!